[mrtg] ENC: Doubts about rrdtool fetch and rrdtool tune

Davi de Paula Cabral - DATAPREVRJ davi.cabral at rj.previdenciasocial.gov.br
Mon Feb 17 17:07:41 MET 2003

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De: Tobias Oetiker [mailto:oetiker at ee.ethz.ch]
Enviada em: segunda-feira, 17 de fevereiro de 2003 10:53
Para: Davi de Paula Cabral - DATAPREVRJ
Cc: Eduardo Vale de Carvalho - DATAPREVRJ
Assunto: Re: Doubts about rrdtool fetch and rrdtool tune

Today Davi de Paula Cabral - DATAPREVRJ wrote:

Hi Davi_,  (This is a Recording)

I just got your mail but please understand that

* I develop rrdtool fully in my spare time, so answering the 50+
  user questions PER DAY as well is just too much for me.

Don't get me wrong, if you want to contract me for helping you with
your monitoring requirements or you want me to write a modification
to rrdtool, let me know I will be glad to make an offer.

If I missed a bug report or a patch you also included with the mail,
I am sorry. Please send it again, without the question. :-)

Please use the rrd-users mailinglist to ask your questions. Describe your
problem and maybe add a few (!) lines of example code to your posting.

> Hi Tobi,
> I read rrdtune andrrdfetch manuals and i am in doubt.
> My problem is: I only wanna see 60-seconds intervals, but rrdtool
> gives 1440-second interval.
> The problem occurs both at CSV logs and graphs ( i am using 14all.cgi and
> routers2.cgi).
> The graphs appear to have very few readings of the database, because they
> stay with a "square" format - remembering a lot of high-and-low buildings.
> People here prefer to see high-and low mountains.
> 1 - rrdtune
> heartbeat is the interval between readings, or the total interval of each
> data source is capable to keep ?
> if the answer is the firs one, can I use it to tie rrdtool at 60-sec
> interval of reading?
> 2 - rrdfetch
> a) resolution: default is the highest resolution, OK. But how can I say
> rrdtool: your resolution will be 60-second interval reading?
> b) start and end: if I want to see the last 24 hours, I cannot put
> --end=now, because rrdtool previously prepares the next line for the next
> reading. I mean, the last line of SCV, in this case, is always 60 second
> forward now (future!) and the value is always NaN.
> To solve the problem, I put --end=now-60 and --start=now-60-86340. But it
> only works sometimes, because the interval can come 60-second or
> 1440-second.
> Thanks for attention
> Davi de Paula Cabral - DATAPREV-RJ
> Rua Cosme Velho, 6 - RJ
> Tel (0xx21) 2555-6232

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