[mrtg] monitor linux hard disk

Chong Hiu Pun hp-chong at gemstar.com.hk
Tue Feb 25 03:18:43 MET 2003

Dear all,

    May somebody answer my following questions?   Thank  you very much!

Dear all,

   I've the following questions:

1.) I monitor the Linux Free Harddisk space by the following: 
Target[dsk]: at

It's fine, and get what I want. However, as the return value is KBytes, I want to multiply the return value by 1000 by the following amendment: 
Target[igg1_dkvar]: at * 1000

However, it turns out that all I got is zero. I try to use Factors[dsk]: 1000, however, the resulting value is not reflected on the graph. So I should I do so that the value I got is multiplied by 1000 and reflected on the graph? Thanks!

2.) I want to monitor the ethernet up/down status with the following:
Target[ethupdown]: at

As 1=up, 2=down, 3=testing, I want to do some simple calcuation on the return value I got:
if the value I got is 1, change it to 2
if the value I got is 2 or 3, change it to 1
I know that a simple perl script can do it. However,
i) How the perl script interface with the target tag?
ii) Can you show me a simple example in doing so? (from getting the MIB value to the calculation)

3.) I want to plot the graph with the following scale:
- The Max value on the graph is 1.2
-  the horizontal pointed line is at 0.4 interval (So there should be 2, one at 0.4, one at 0.8)
How should I set the YScale, YTics, and YTicsFactor to achieve it? Thank you very much!
( The return MIB value is either 0 and 1)
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