[mrtg] Re: Monitoring A file size....

nate mrtg at aphroland.org
Tue Feb 25 18:32:58 MET 2003

Robert Walters said:
> Does anybody know of a way to use MRTG and or the Denika front end to MRTG
> to monitor the file size of a particular file on another server than the
> one running MRTG?  In this case I would like to trend over time the size
> of my Exchange private information store, and upon a threshold being
> reached use the threshold notification to tell me about it.  Any ideas
> would be appreciated.

some ideas...

1) have a script run on the server and output the file size to a text
file which can then be retrieved via web server and sent to MRTG.
2) Not sure if there is any inetd available for win32 but another one
would be have inetd(or equivilent) listen on a port, when it connects
run the script that outputs the file size.
3) install ssh on the server and have a script login and check the size.
4) if the systems are on the same lan, export the filesystem and have
the MRTG host mount it and check it that way


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