[mrtg] Re: Graph Backplane Utilization of Cisco Catalyst 5500

McDonald, Dan Dan.McDonald at austinenergy.com
Tue Jan 7 14:11:07 MET 2003

>From: itsd itsd [mailto:itsd2001 at hotmail.com]

>I want to graph the Backplane utilzation of our Catalyst 5500 using

Sounds good.

>I just installed MRTG 2.9.25 and found out the OID for the backplane

No, that's the OID for a table that contains the OID's you really want.

If you walk the table, you'll seee that sysTrafficMeter.1
( is what you want to measure with a Sup II, or
sysTrafficMeter.1 .2 .3 and .4 for a Sup III.

[N.B. These values don't exist on a 6500 or 4000/SupIII]

>My problem is when I run this to stast collecting the Data:
>perl cfgmaker at X.X.X.X (where X.X.X.X is
>the IP address of the Switch)

Unless cfgmaker has changed drastically since I last dug under the hood
(possible, it's been a couple of years) that won't do a thing.  What you
need to do is edit your config file and create a new target that points to
this OID.

My steps:
1.  Since the LoadMibs: directive is fraught with danger when using cisco
mibs (You have to reference a half dozen SMI and TC files to get all of the
dependencies right, get them all in the right order, and make certain they
are all version 1 mibs. ) I edit the oid-mib-cache.txt file (should be in
your WORKDIR) to get a nice text representation. Add a line:

2.  Create your targets.  I normally create a separate file for this sort of
thing, call it 5500bus.cfg or some such.  Don't forget to use 2
OID/Instances per target!
Target[5500systembus]: sysTrafficMeter.1&sysTrafficMeter.1 at public:
MaxBytes[5500systembus]: 100
Options[5500systembus]: guage
... all of the other pagetop, legend stuff...
sysTrafficMeter.2&sysTrafficMeter.2 at public:
and cetera...

3.  Then edit your main mrtg.cfg file and include the file you created
Include: /var/mrtg/cfg/5500bus.cfg

When you next restart mrtg (if running in daemon mode) or at the next cron
interval (if running in cron mode) the new targets will be processed and
your database/log/graphs/whatever will be generated.

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