[mrtg] Re: Cabletron Systems

Greg.Volk at edwardjones.com Greg.Volk at edwardjones.com
Fri Jan 31 21:16:52 MET 2003

I used to run mrtg against lots of cabletron gear. Specifically the
9000 series (MMAC-PLUS) hardware such as 9E, 9F, 9A cards. I also
ran it against some 6H hardware including the 2200 which was actually
a 6H card in a fixed-hardware-config box.

My experience was that the snmp stats were pretty accurate and 
reliable. It was pretty rare that the snmp agents would flake out
when doing regular five minute MRTG polling. On very rare occasions
when I decided I needed to poll a device really frequently, like very 
five seconds that would usually hose up the 9-series card's snmp 
pretty fast and the only way to fix it was to reseat the card.

}> Any insights?
}> I have a mostly Cisco background and have been asked to examine the
}> reports  we could get from MRTG/RRD..
}depends on the model, I used to have the misfortune of having a few
}cabletron switches, forget the models but they were really 
}old, probably
}6 years old or more. I think maybe something like ELS-24TXM 
}and ELS-27TX
}or something were the models?
}anyways the 10mbit switches had I think 24 10mbit ports and 3 100mbit
}ports, they would routinely stop responding to SNMP(and telnet) perhaps
}2-3 times a month and require a hard reboot to get them 
}responding again.
}I had 1 100mbit 24-port cabletron(1U), which I used for a short time, I
}don't remember it locking up the management interfaces but I didn't use
}it for long since it refused to uplink to my cisco 2900 switch for some
}reason, never had a problem uplinking any of the other switches to that
}one at the time. convinced the CEO to let me buy a summit 48 to replace
}the cabletron crap and was very happy after that :)
}perhaps some of their newer stuff is better..
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