[mrtg] Re: Wrong numbers showing on graph.

Tom Pavelchek tpavelchek at btcwcu.org
Mon Jun 2 21:27:31 MEST 2003

I think you are seeing MRTG combine two consecutive measurements, since your script probably does not return values precisely on a 300 second interval. Look at the top of the .log file, and you'll see that the value graphed (2nd or 3rd column) is not the same as the maximum (4th or 5th column) for any full 300 second interval.

1054580104 1309679430540 1154047025075
1054580104 3559844 1334174 3559844 1334174
1054579807 3924060 1488237 3924060 1488237
1054579800 3924138 1488743 3929941 1526246      full 300 seconds
1054579500 3914832 1522543 3929941 1526246              "
1054579200 3610368 1446108 3920516 1446899              "

At 01:05 PM 6/2/03, Keith Woodworth wrote:

>Been using MRTG for a number of years now but a week ago have had a
>situation come up where some programming was needed to pull data from a
>non-snmp device and graph.
>Ive been able to do that successfully using expect and some perl. Reading
>over the docs and such Ive come up with a simple MRTG cfg file:
>--- Cut
>Workdir: /usr/local/www/data/sandvine
>Title[Users]: Sockets in Use : PPE
>PageTop[Users]: <H2>Number of P2P Sockets in use: PPE</H2>
>Target[Users]: `cat /root/sockets`
>MaxBytes[Users]: 1000
>AbsMax[Users]: 1000
>Options[Users]: gauge, nopercent
>YLegend[Users]: # of Sockets
>ShortLegend[Users]:  Sockets
>LegendI[Users]: &nbsp;
>Legend1[Users]: Number of Connections
>--- Cut
>The file sockets always contains 4 numbers:
>The first number always changes of course but the other three remain 0.
>The problem lies in that MRTG is fed the data but when the graphs are
>produced the number that shows Current: under the graph is NOT the number
>that is in the /root/sockets file, which is what I'd expect.
>So instead of 450 being displayed as Current Sockets the graph displays a
>seemingly random number but it will be, for example, 422. Next time the
>/root/sockets will have 523 and the graph will display 501. Ive deleted
>all the html/png files so MRTG has to recreate them again but the problem
>MRTG v2.9.22 on FreeBSD 4.7.
>Any pointers on how to fix this error? I'm not sure why it happening.
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