[mrtg] Re: HP Page counts

Garth Williams garth.williams at acrodex.com
Fri Jun 6 20:14:34 MEST 2003

Howdy All!

This is a response to the request to have an output of Page Counts in a
columnar format.

In my extensive (yeah, right!) world-wide travels, I ran across this
nifty little tool called SNMP Picker.  It was originally available on
http://www22.big.or.jp/~ntoh/win_snmpget.shtml, but that site no longer
returns as valid.

You can download it from my web site at

You can load a config file, and it will collect the data, and you can
then save it to a log file in almost exactly the format that Darryl was
looking for.  I also provide a couple of sample config files, so you
should be able to use it right away.

I documented it, but did not write it, so can't take any credit there.
I believe it to be publically available, since he had it for download
(you can still get it at
.co.jp/data/snmp_p.zip&name=SNMP_Picker, but there even less (ok, almost
none) documentation and only a small sample config file.

It's a pretty raw program, but has the potential to be useful in certain
situations.  I added 2 config files, one for Win2K, and one for printer
page counts (!).

Hope this helps!  Have a good weekend.


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Tim Litwiller write:

I would be interested in this also, and how you get the toner life info.

Darryl Kegg wrote:
<snip> if there was any way to configure MRTG to get the page count from
printer (I know the OID) and present them in a column format?
Printer Name Count
Printer Name Count

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