[mrtg] WinNT Drive Utilization and Unscaled Option Issue

wolfe at daticon.com wolfe at daticon.com
Mon Jun 9 18:08:53 MEST 2003

WorkDir: /var/www/htdocs/disk/winnt
Hello Group,
	I have written this question before in the group. I have a WinNT 4.0
server. I want to monitor drive usage in MB and total drive size. I have
installed snmp4 on the WinNT server. There is no MIB / OID for total drive
size. I have had several responses from the group concerning this issue and
I thank everyone for the insight but I am still unable to resolve this. I
then had an idea. Since I can't draw a line within the mrtg.cfg file where
the total drive size is, how about using the TheshMax option?. At least it
would paint a red line where the MAX value is, which I use as the total
drive size. First problem is that the scale of the graph does not show the
TheshMax line. So I set the .cfg file to Unscaled. Now the red line appears
but it no longer graphs the current drive information. I search thought the
list and found a thread where it was stated that you would have to use a
version of MRTG above .27 since there was a problem with sizes above 2GB in
older versions. My MRTG server is using version .25 so I have another server
that is using ver .29 and I set the .cfg file to run for there. I still get
the same issue. As long as Unscaled is set, it will not graph any data. Does
anyone have any ideas?

Austin Wolfe

RunAsDaemon: Yes
Options[ciscoworks-microsoft_winnt_hdd]: gauge, unknaszero, growright,
ity at ip.ip.ip.ip
MaxBytes[ciscoworks-microsoft_winnt_hdd]: 4192731136
YLegend[ciscoworks-microsoft_winnt_hdd]: HDD Utilization
ShortLegend[ciscoworks-microsoft_winnt_hdd]: Mbytes
Legend1[ciscoworks-microsoft_winnt_hdd]: Average free hard disk space
Legend2[ciscoworks-microsoft_winnt_hdd]: .
Legend3[ciscoworks-microsoft_winnt_hdd]: 4192731136
Legend4[ciscoworks-microsoft_winnt_hdd]: .
LegendI[ciscoworks-microsoft_winnt_hdd]: Free Space:
PageTop[ciscoworks-microsoft_winnt_hdd]: <H1>ciscoworks</H1>
#WithPeak[ciscoworks-microsoft_winnt_hdd]: ymw
Title[ciscoworks-microsoft_winnt_hdd]: Ciscoworks
kilo[ciscoworks-microsoft_winnt_hdd]: 1024
Xsize[ciscoworks-microsoft_winnt_hdd]: 600
Ysize[ciscoworks-microsoft_winnt_hdd]: 200
Ytics[ciscoworks-microsoft_winnt_hdd]: 10
Unscaled[ciscoworks-microsoft_winnt_hdd]: ymwd
# The following information allows you to perform some task(s)
# whenever a minimum of maximum threshold has been breached
# In order to activate this features, simply remove the # from the
# lines below.

ThreshMaxI[ciscoworks-microsoft_winnt_hdd]: 4192731136
# ThreshProgI[$CFGNAME]: BATCHLOCthreshold_in.bat
# ThreshProgOKI[$CFGNAME]: BATCHLOCthreshold_oki.bat

#ThreshMaxO[ciscoworks-microsoft_winnt_hdd]: 4192731136
# ThreshProgO[$CFGNAME]: BATCHLOCthreshold_out.bat
# ThreshProgOKO[$CFGNAME]: BATCHLOCthreshold_oko.bat

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