[mrtg] MRTG Threshold Alerts over Time

Dan Lowry dan.lowry at attbi.com
Sun Jun 15 01:23:45 MEST 2003

There are times when utilization of a cpu , link, etc. spikes up over a threshold, when you prefer to not send an email, but instead wait for x number of 5 minute poll
cycles and then send the alert.
With the help of batchworld group , and windowsntscripting.com, we have come up with something that seems to work on NT (see configuraton below).

This example looks at cpu utilization on a Cisco router, and sends an email via blat after x4  5 minute poll cycles (20 minutes) of the router CPU utiliztion over 70%.

There's just one issue with the program.
I tried to add a threshprogok batch file, to reset the variable in the file to 0 when threshold goes back down before 4 contiguous breaches of the threshold.
Unfortunately, as soon as I enabled thresdir in the mrtg.cfg file, MRTG no longer triggered threshprog0 when a threshold was exceeded.
Looking in the docs, it seems to be related to MRTG only triggering one threshold every hour. Is that correct? If so, is there any workaround?
I disabled threshdir, and now, there's a possibility of  having 1, 2, or 3 polls over threshold, and then back to normal leaving a 1,2, or 3 variable in the threshold.txt file.
The problem is the next time the CPU utilization is over threshold ,  threshprog0 wil trigger sendmail.bat which will send an email in 5 , 10, or 15 minutes depending on the stale 3,2, or 1 variable in the threshold.txt file.

(FYI for anyone wanting to try this batch file , I had to create the threshold.txt, and threshold.tmp files initially and put a "0" in the files, not sure why, but 
after this they worked fine)

Here's the code that's working well (minus the ability to reset when the threshold goes back to normal). Any suggestions to simplify the code, or
get it to work without having to create the initial threshold.txt and threshold.tmp files appreciated:

Here's the configuration in the MRTG File to trigger the alert after x4 mrtg poll cycles of >70% cpu utilization
Target[nrbu_2500_cpu]: at x
WithPeak[bu_2500_cpu]: wmy
YLegend[bu_2500_cpu]: CPU Utilization
ShortLegend[bu_2500_cpu]: %
MaxBytes[bu_2500_cpu]: 100
Options[bu_2500_cpu]: nopercent, gauge,noo
Unscaled[bu_2500_cpu]: dwmy
Title[bu_2500_cpu]: Backup_2500 CPU Utilization
Colours[bu_2500_cpu]: GREEN#00eb0c,BLUE#1000ff,BLUE#1000ff,VIOLET#ff00ff
Legend1[bu_2500_cpu]: Average 1 minute CPU Utilization
Legend2[bu_2500_cpu]: Average 5 minute CPU Utilization
LegendI[bu_2500_cpu]:  CPU:
ThreshDesc[bu_2500_cpu]: CPU Utilization on Backup 2500

Send an Email using Blat  if CPU Utilization remains above 70% for 20 minutes

@echo off
set mrtg_name=%1
set breach_value=%2
set actual_value=%3

for /f %%a in (e:\mrtg\thresholds\threshold.txt) do (
if "%%a"=="3" ECHO CPU Utilization on %1 has been  %2 Percent for the last 20 Minutes!  > e:\mrtg\thresholds\cpu_util.txt
if "%%a"=="3" Next EMAIL in 20 Minutes if problem persists.  >> e:\mrtg\thresholds\cpu_util.txt
if "%%a"=="3" e:\mrtg\sendmail\blat.exe e:\mrtg\thresholds\cpu_util.txt -s "CPU Utilization on %1 has been %2 Percent for 20 minutes!" -t bozo at clown.com
if "%%a"=="3" echo 0 >e:\mrtg\thresholds\threshold.tmp
if "%%a"=="3" del e:\mrtg\thresholds\cpu_util.txt
if "%%a"=="2" echo 3 >e:\mrtg\thresholds\threshold.tmp
if "%%a"=="1" echo 2 >e:\mrtg\thresholds\threshold.tmp
if "%%a"=="0" echo 1 >e:\mrtg\thresholds\threshold.tmp
copy e:\mrtg\thresholds\threshold.tmp e:\mrtg\thresholds\threshold.txt
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