[mrtg] Problem with a shell script and Mrtg

Godfrey godfrey_lists at compudoc.za.org
Sun Jun 29 20:59:10 MEST 2003


I would appreciate it if some one could put me right with this

The shell script is as follows


statname="Total Accounts"

cd /home/full

statfull=$[`ls -l | grep -v ^l | wc -l`]

cd /home/guest

statguests=$[`ls -l | grep -v ^l | wc -l`]

stattotal=$[`expr $statfull+$statguests`]

echo $stattotal
echo $statguests

its output is as follows

[root at miles] ~# /usr/local/etc/mrtg/support/totalmail.sh
[root at miles] ~#

Which is perfect but when I run mrtg

I get the following

[root at miles] /usr/local/etc/mrtg/support# /usr/local/bin/mrtg 
expr: syntax error
WARNING: Problem with External get '/usr/local/etc/mrtg/support/totalmail.sh':
    Expected a Number for 'in' but got '$[]'

ERROR: Target[miles-user-clients][_IN_] ' $$target[21]{$mode} ' did not 
eval into defined data
WARNING: Skipping Update of miles-user-clients, inlast is not defined
[root at miles] /usr/local/etc/mrtg/support#

The mtrg config is as follows

Target[miles-user-clients]: `/usr/local/etc/mrtg/support/totalmail.sh`
Ysize[miles-user-clients]: 125
Options[miles-user-clients]: gauge,growright,nopercent,noinfo
Title[miles-user-clients]: Number of User Accounts
PageTop[miles-user-clients]: <h1>Number of User Accounts</h1>
MaxBytes[miles-user-clients]: 150
Background[miles-user-clients]: #738AA6
YLegend[miles-user-clients]: # users
ShortLegend[miles-user-clients]: &nbsp;
Legend1[miles-user-clients]: Clients &nbsp;
Legend2[miles-user-clients]: Guest &nbsp;
LegendI[miles-user-clients]: Clients &nbsp;
LegendO[miles-user-clients]: Guest &nbsp;

I would appreciate it if someone could assist me with this please thank you

Kind regards


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