[mrtg] template files?

squid squid at csumb.edu
Mon Jun 30 00:20:31 MEST 2003

I've been running mrtg 2.9.29 for a while and want to start experimenting
with the templates on somex.com that are linked on the mrtg page. I saved
the one I wanted to a text file on my server and ran cfgmaker with the
--host-template=MyTemplateNameHere option in addition to the usual
--global 'WorkDir: /home/httpd/mrtg' --global 'Options[_]:bits,growright'
--output /home/mrtg/cfg/$name $snmp@$ip

anyways when I run it it goes ok but then outputs a bunch of errors 

Array found where operator expected at (eval 6) line 5, at end of line
        (Missing operator before ?)
Bareword found where operator expected at (eval 6) line 6, near "10
        (Missing operator before YLegend?)
Evaluation of the contents in the file 
gave the error 
"Unrecognized character \xC2 at (eval 6) line 7, <IF_TEMPLATE> line 36.

Exiting cfgmaker

this is the template file i'm trying to use

# This Report File Template measures temperature from a Xylan Omni-X or
 # Example CFGNAME : [DEVICE NAME]-xylan_omni_temperature

/ 10
 YLegend[$CFGNAME]: Degrees C
 ShortLegend[$CFGNAME]: ?C
 MaxBytes[$CFGNAME]: $MAX
 Options[$CFGNAME]: nopercent, gauge, unknaszero
 Legend1[$CFGNAME]: Temperature
 Legend2[$CFGNAME]: .
 Legend3[$CFGNAME]: Max value per interval on graph
 Legend4[$CFGNAME]: .
 LegendI[$CFGNAME]: ??| Inlet:
 LegendO[$CFGNAME]: .
 PageTop[$CFGNAME]: <H1>$DEVICE</H1>
 Colours[$CFGNAME]: GREEN#00eb0c,BLUE#0000ff,GRAY#AAAAAA,VIOLET#ff00ff
 WithPeak[$CFGNAME]: ymw

Thanks in advance,

-Paul Swinderman
ISNS Engineering
(831) 582-3809
paul at csumb.edu

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