[mrtg] Re: log files

Peter Glanville peter_glanville at cuk.canon.co.uk
Thu May 1 09:56:46 MEST 2003

>I have MRTG running and I am very happy with it, but I would like to make
>change.  I currently have two instances of MRTG which look at the same set
>of equipment but present the graphs differently.  I have one that graphs
>with default values for the bytes and scale (adjusts as needed) and one
>presents unscaled data in bits (giving us a crystal clear indication of
>strain we are placing on the network).
>I would like to use the same data for both graphs.  Is that possible?  I
>know how to set the log file location, but wouldn't that combine the data
>from each process (giving me more data which I suppose is fine unless the
>processes try to write to the same file at the same time...)  Is there a
>I can "tell" one mrtg process not to gather data from the machines, but
>to generate the graphs from the data at a certain location?

One option would be to convert to RRD to store the data, and use a viewer
such as Routers2.cgi
I have MTRG/RRD collecting the data using a 'live' cfg file, and 'dummy'
cfg files that have different settings, allowing the viewing as you
The downside is maintenance when there are changes, having to maintain two
sets of CFG files for one device (but you have that currently anyway).

I would assume 14all and MRTG-RRD would offer the same options for viewing.


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