[mrtg] Re: Win2k CPU Question

Brander, Eric Eric.Brander at ACS-INC.com
Fri May 16 16:46:52 MEST 2003

>*When the code runs, I have a DOS box open and close on the server, is
>anyway to stop that?

If you are using Windows Task Scheduler, the only way I've found to not have
the DOS box pop up when it runs is to have the Task Scheduler process run
under a different user ID than what the machine is logged in as.

>*At the bottom of the graph, I have DARK GREEN### Maximal 5 Minute Incoming
>Traffic MAGENTA### Maximal 5 Minute Outgoing Traffic,  and I cant seem to
>lose them?

You can use the option NoLegend, or add the following lines:
Legend1[cyclone_cpu]: CPU Load
Legend2[cyclone_cpu]: CPU Load
Legend3[cyclone_cpu]: Maximal CPU Load
Legend4[cyclone_cpu]: Maximal CPU Load

>*This is only a single CPU system, do I have to have the two legends
>displaying the data?

MRTG always has to have 2 "targets" to create a graph, but it doesn't have
to actually graph 2 things (odd, huh?)  Anyway, use the option NOI or NOO to
either disable the graphing of the 1st or 2nd target.

>Thanks for you help.

I hope this helps!

Eric Brander
Texas CHIP Account
Sr. Communications Engineer - Information Systems Department
Eric dot Brander at acs-inc dot com

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