[mrtg] Re: SNMP - No Response Received

Butch Kemper kemper at tstar.net
Fri Oct 17 21:29:53 MEST 2003

Thanks for the response.

I looked in SNMP_Session.pm and it is version 0.98 and the default value is 
"avoid_negative_request_ids => 0".

I added this line to the configuration files:

         SnmpOptions:    avoid_negative_request_ids => 1, retries => 6

However, here is the SNMP no response message from MRTG:

         SNMP Error:
         no response received
         SNMPv1_Session (remote host: "*********" [***.***.***.***].161)
                   community: "t*******"
                  request ID: -1037057286
                 PDU bufsize: 8000 bytes
                     timeout: 2s
                     retries: 5
                     backoff: 1)

It appears that the SnmpOptions statement is ignored because the request id 
is still negative AND the retries value is 5 instead of 6.  I changed the 
retries value only to confirm that the SnmpOptions statement was being ignored.

How do I report this as a possible error in MRTG?


At 09:18 AM 10/17/03, you wrote:
>You should be able to put
>         SnmpOptions:  avoid_negative_request_ids => 1
>in your MRTG configuration.  In version MRTG 2.10.5 this is the default 
>setting, judging by the code for cfgcheck() in the file MRTG_lib.pm.  I 
>think that change happened in MRTG 2.9.27.  The "SnmpOptions:" 
>configuration option was added to MRTG 2.9.11.
>Support for "avoid_negative_request_ids" was added to SNMP_Session.pm 
>version 0.93, so check the version that came with your copy of MRTG.  MRTG 
>2.10.2 and newer contain SNMP_Session.pm version 0.98, the current version 
>of SNMP_Session.pm.  You can always pick up the latest version of 
>SNMP_Session.pm, BER.pm, and SNMP_util.pm from 
>http://www.switch.ch/misc/leinen/snmp/perl/ Just put all three in the 
>appropriate MRTG directory.  That way you won't have to upgrade MRTG if 
>you don't want to.
>Mike Mitchell
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>Subject: [mrtg] Re: SNMP - No Response Received
> > I am monitoring a NetGear FSM726S switch and the Linux box running
> > MRTG
> > connected to one of the ports.  The monitor interval is 5 minutes and
> > 60% of the time, the switch will return the SNMP data but other times
> > it does not and MRTG reports a "no response received" error message.
> > MRTG will report the error for several consecutive intervals and then
> > are no error messages for several consecutive intervals.
> >                  request ID: -1146335597
>Negative request IDs are not supported by certain devices. MRTG uses a 
>random mix of +ve and -ve, hence the intermittant failure. Edit 
>change $default_avoid_negative_request_ids to 1

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