[mrtg] slow increment

Jonathan Geisler jgeisler at css.tayloru.edu
Thu Oct 23 02:19:50 MEST 2003

I've installed and started running MRTG for a class I'm teaching that
requires the students to submit their files for compilation through a
web interface.  The CGI script sets a counter to keep track of the
number of times the web interface is used.  I have MRTG polling this
counter and getting the right value back, but since it is incremented
so infrequently, the average rate of use is always 0 compiles/second.
I've tried adding a Factor command in the configuration file, but that
doesn't seem to help.

I know MRTG is getting the right values because when I look at the log
file, it has the last counter value in the first line and this gets
updated correctly, but all my averages remain at 0.

Here is a copy of my configuration file:

    Workdir: /var/http/comporg/docroot/mrtg
    Interval: 5
    RunAsDaemon: Yes
    Target[cos381compiler]: `wget -O - http://www.someserver.edu/path/to/counter 2> /dev/null && echo && echo 0 && echo 0 && echo TEST`
    Title[cos381compiler]: Computer Organization Compiler Usage
    Options[cos381compiler]: noinfo nopercent noo
    MaxBytes[cos381compiler]: 999999999
    PageTop[cos381compiler]: Page Top
    YLegend[cos381compiler]: Number of Compiles
    ShortLegend[cos381compiler]: # Compiles
    Legend1[cos381compiler]: Compiles
    Factor[cos381compiler]: 300

Any ideas what the problem could be?

						-- Jonathan Geisler --

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