[mrtg] Re: Monitor Corebuilder 9000

Peter Glanville peter_glanville at cuk.canon.co.uk
Thu Oct 23 16:53:55 MEST 2003

> I was hoping someone would be able to help he. I am trying to monitor the
traffic of our core builder. I can get the stats and graphs for the eme
using 'public at eme_ip --global"######" --output'
> What I am trying to get is for slot1/2/3/ port XX. These are layer 2
blades and have no ip's associated with them.
> Slot 4 stats can be obtained using 'public at blade_ip cause it is a layer 3

If you're talking 3Com Corebuilder 9000 (now renamed 1407 or something),
the community string takes the form "public at slot_x.1" (where x=slot number)
and uses the eme IP address.
MRTG requires special characters like the @ symbol to be escaped with a
backslash, so port 3 in blade 4 is Target[whatever]:
3:public\@slot_4.1 at eme_ip

Some of my blades (layer 2) have nine Gb interfaces (with a 3GB trunk into
the Fabric backplane), so it thinks it has 12 interfaces. The trunk is
listed as interface 14
The individual interfaces support 64 bit counters, the trunk doesn't !!!

For the Fabric card, use public at fabric
My fabric is the 24Gb size, and sees 24 'interfaces'.
I can measure each interface seperately (and see how well the trunk is
balanced) or measure each trunk as interface 26, 27 etc
Again it is only the basic interfaces that support 64 bit counters, not the

My blade with four Gb interfaces is basically a passthrough straight onto
four ports on the fabric, so I measure them there.

Occasionally mine has fallen over, and SNMP stops talking to one or more
blade, even though it passes data traffic perfectly OK. Reboot the chassis.


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