[mrtg] ipac vs snmp

Henning hjb at base.za.net
Tue Oct 28 22:52:15 MET 2003

I'm setting up MRTG to monitor all the traffic between my server and the 
rest of the network.

I started out with SNMP, but was unable to make it monitor my dialup 
line, and someone suggest I use ipaccount instead.

Once I got that working, I decided to switch my eth0 monitor to 
ipaccount as well, and that's where my problem is. I currently have both 
SNMP and ipaccount set up in MRTG, but I get quite different values from 
them and have no idea which one is accurate. Here's one of the more 
extreme cases:

 From SNMP:
Current  In:    4118.0 B/s
Current  Out:    6316.0 B/s

 From ipaccount:
Current  In:    3612.0 B/s
Current  Out:    5904.0 B/s

Here's the relevant bits from my mrtg.cfg file:

Target[eth0ipac]: `/var/lib/mrtg/ipaccount 5m eth0`
Options[eth0ipac]: nopercent,absolute
MaxBytes[eth0ipac]: 12500000

Target[eth0]: 3:private at localhost:
Options[eth0]: nopercent
MaxBytes[eth0]: 12500000

And from my ipac-ng/rules.conf:

incoming eth0|ipac~o|eth0|all||
incoming eth0|ipac~fi|eth0|all||
outgoing eth0|ipac~i|eth0|all||
outgoing eth0|ipac~fo|eth0|all||

Any help would be appreciated.


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