Capone Tupa dinosecure at yahoo.com
Thu Sep 4 13:25:35 MEST 2003

I am new with mrtg and am still having problems getting graphs of traffic activity on my network. This is an extract of what i get when i use the command:
"perl cfgmaker public at ..."
C:\mrtg\bin>perl cfgmaker ">public@<ipaddress>--global "WorkDir: C:\mrtghtml" -
-output 1760.cfg
--base: Get Device Info on ">public@<ipaddress>:
--base: Vendor Id: cisco
--base: Populating confcache
--snpo: confcache public@<ipaddress> Name Fa0/0 --> 1
--snpo: confcache ">public@<ipaddress> Name Se0/0 --> 2
--snpo: confcache ">public@<ipaddress> Name Nu0 --> 3
--snpo: confcache ">public@<ipaddress> Descr FastEthernet0/0 --> 1
--snpo: confcache ">public@<ipaddress>: Descr Serial0/0 --> 2
--snpo: confcache ">public@<ipaddress> Descr Null0 --> 3
--snpo: confcache ">public@<ipaddress> Ip <ipaddress> --> 1
--snpo: confcache ">public@<ipaddress>: Ip <ipaddress> --> 1
--snpo: confcache ">public@<ipaddress>: Type 6 --> 1
--snpo: confcache ">public@<ipaddress>: Type 22 --> 2
--snpo: confcache ">public@<ipaddress>: Type 1 --> 3
--snpo: confcache ">public@<ipaddress>: Eth 00-0b-be-90-1b-fb --> 1
--snpo: confcache ">public@<ipaddress>: Eth  --> 2
--snpo: confcache ">public@<ipaddress>: Eth  --> 3 (duplicate)
--base: Get Interface Info
--base: Walking ifIndex
--base: Walking ifType
--base: Walking ifAdminStatus
--base: Walking ifOperStatus
--base: Walking ifAlias
--base: Walking vmVlan
--base: Walking ifSpeed
--base: Writing 1760.cfg
This is the error i get after when i use "perl mrtg <cfg file name>" command that follows:
C:\mrtg\bin>perl mrtg 1760.cfg
ERROR: Can't Execute 'C:/mrtg/bin\rateup
Please can i get help in spoting the source of my problem. The mrtghtml directory i specify as WorkDir is unpopulated, and i do not know where to locate the graphs.
Thank you 


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