[mrtg] Re: mrtg showing very high cpu usage cause of other apprunning

Ross Tsolakidis rtsolakidis at powerserve.com.au
Fri Sep 5 05:16:09 MEST 2003

Can I have a little bit more information about this ?

I currently run 1 cron job which executes a 1 file which contains this:
/usr/bin/mrtg /home/rosst/mrtg/scripts/mrtg-2600.cfg
/usr/bin/mrtg /home/rosst/mrtg/scripts/mrtg-switch1.cfg
/usr/bin/mrtg /home/rosst/mrtg/scripts/mrtg-pix.cfg

How would I go about creating this as a daemon ?
I've read a bit about it, if I understand it right, all I would need to
do is:

- Remove all the global config stuff out of each single config.
- Create 1 file Global file.
- In that file it should have stuff like:

LogFormat: rrdtool
PathAdd: /usr/bin/
LibAdd: /usr/lib/perl5/
Interval: 5
Forks: 4
Refresh: 300
RunAsDaemon: Yes
Include: /home/rosst/mrtg/scripts/mrtg-2600.cfg
Include: /home/mrtg/cfg/mrtg-switch1.cfg
Include: /home/mrtg/cfg/mrtg-pix.cfg

- Make the file executable.

Am I right ?

How do I run it though ?
And what happens if the daemon fails ?
Any other "gotchas"  ?

Thanks again @!



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Run MRTG as a daemon and allow it to fork.

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