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McDonald, Dan Dan.McDonald at austinenergy.com
Wed Sep 10 12:34:52 MEST 2003

Leonard Krivopaltsev wrote on  9/9/2003 6:16 PM:
>I need some advise/help configuring the target in MRTG.
>using snmpwalk i figured the strings that i need to pull from win2k
>quadro CPU server, which are:
>[root at eq-mon-01 bin]# snmpwalk -Os -c COMMUNITY_STRING -v 2c IP

ok, now do the same thing, but with -On to get the numeric equivalents.  Or,
determine the name of the mib that hrProcessorLoad is in and do a loadmibs:
(or whatever the full path to the mib file is).

>i can't seem to figure out how should i configure mrtg.cfg to to draw 4
>graphs for 4 cpus.

Let's assume you got the loadmibs thingy to work. The targets should then
Target[CPU1]: hrProcessorLoad.1&hrProcessorLoad.1:COMMUNITY_STRING at IP::::2
Target[CPU2]: hrProcessorLoad.2&hrProcessorLoad.2:COMMUNITY_STRING at IP:::::2

And cetera.  mrtg always needs 2 oids, so I'm just repeating one.  If you
don't want to display the same line twice, you can use:
options[CPU1]: guage, noi

You do need the guage bit.  Noi removes the "input" line.  You could also
use noo if you like green graphs instead of blue ones...

>is it possible to combine 4 graphs (given that i get to draw some how)
>as one? 

If you are using rrdtool as a backend, generating a front-end to graph each
of the input lines from 4 rrds is left as an exercise for the reader.  

If you are using rateup as your backend, no.

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