[mrtg] Re: Cisco questions

Greg.Volk at edwardjones.com Greg.Volk at edwardjones.com
Thu Sep 11 20:10:55 MEST 2003

}First, a little background: I am monitoring a Cisco 7506 router that
}has 4 DS3's coming into it, each DS3 being slit off into separate T-1's
}to go to each of our sites.  We recently upgraded the RAM and IOS in
}this router to 12.2(19) and replaced a flaky ethernet interface.
}1.) Since the upgrade, the traffic grpahs being generated look like a
}porcupine :-)   (to see what I'm talking about, visit
} )  Has anyone 
}else seen
}this, and is it normal?  Before all the hardware/IOS upgrades, the
}traffic graphs looked rather smooth, like the ethernet 
}interfaces at the
}top of the aforementioned page.
It sounds like the snmp counters aren't getting updated quickly enough 
it's taking more than five minutes to get a change from one poll cycle 
the next. The fact that the ethernet interface data looks correct 
your mrtg configuration to a certain degree and tends to point the 
at a SNMP problem on DS-3 port adaptor on the cisco. I don't have any 
DS3 equipped 7500s, but I can tell you that the DS3-PAs produce 
bogus snmp stats when plugged into a 7206 running 12.2(7a). And I think 
these are the same DS3-PA's that plug into a 7500 vip. So maybe it's a
problem with the way IOS gets counter data from the DS3-PAs(?). My
advice would be to open a ticket with cisco show them your graphs and
see what they come back with. Chances are they will tell you that an
ios upgrade will fix this problem, and you can take that for what it's
worth. In the short term, if you want stats for those interfaces, get
them from the remote end by polling the remote side router.

}2.) Is there any way to measure the total traffic utilization of each
}DS3, as opposed to having to monitor each T-1 and add the values

Cfgmaker should have generated configs for the DS-3 physical ports at
the same time it hit the subinterfaces. Did you have any --if-filter 
references on your cfgmaker comamnd line that would have excluded the
phy ports? Is the phy port in the cfg file, but is commented out for
some reason? I've seen various ATM interfaces get commented out because
the router tells cfgmaker that the interface is link down, but it's
really not - another IOS bug - so that particular ATM int gets commented
out in the mrtg cfg file. You can manually work around this by 
the config - but the counters may still be wrong.

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