[mrtg] Re: sent thousands packets every 5 min

Alex van den Bogaerdt alex at ergens.op.het.net
Wed Dec 1 01:03:00 MET 2004

On Tue, Nov 30, 2004 at 08:21:13AM -0800, XiaoHui Xu wrote:
> It's sending huge amounts of udp 161 traffic to the
> routers.  I don't know how to fix the problem.  

You are top-posting. You didn't trim the original text.

> The configuration file was created by using command
> below.
> cfgmaker --ifref=descr --global "WorkDir:
> /mrtg2/CORE/http" --host-template=/mrtg2/systemplate
> --global 'Options[_]:bits,growright'
> --output=/mrtg2/CORE/cfg/moff.cfg
> xxxxxx at x.x.x.1:::1::2

I asked for the config file, not for the command that created it.

If this command is run on a large switch with 400 ports, there
will be lots of targets so there will be lots of traffic.

Wether or not this is the case cannot be determined from the
cfgmaker command.

> 2004-11-30 10:17:48 -- SNMP Error:
> Received SNMP response with error code
>   error status: noSuchName
>   index 2 (OID:

You are not receiving information back from the switch.

> 2004-11-30 10:17:48 -- SNMPGET Problem for ifDescr.176
> ifInOctets.176 ifDescr.17
> 6 ifOutOctets.176 sysUptime sysName on
> xxxxxxxx at x.x.x.1:::1:::v4only

Start debugging.  First get SNMP to work.  Without snmp, there
won't be MRTG.

Use a tool such as snmpget, snmwalk, snmputil.exe or any other
tool that does the job.  Query all of the mentioned OIDs, one
of them seems to be failing.  If the device does not support
ifInOctets.176, MRTG cannot query that port and you'll need to
remove it from your configuration.  Maybe your device is creating
and destroying instances on the fly.  Maybe instance 176 did exist
when you ran cfgmaker and maybe it does not exist anymore.

Perhaps this command will work for you.  It specifically asks for
the OID ifInOctets, one that seems to fail on instance 176:

snmpwalk -v2c -c xxxxxx x.x.x.1  .

Once you can query your switch using this tool, create a SMALL
config file with only one (working) target in it.  You could take
your current cfg file and delete all targets but one.

Once you got that going, start worrying about cfgmaker.

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