[mrtg] Re: Deploying MRTG

Bill Wichers billw at waveform.net
Thu Dec 2 04:48:33 MET 2004

> We are trying to deploy a monitoring solution using MRTG running on a
> computer running Windows as follows:
> *	we have an MRTG config file for every device that we are
> monitoring that contains the MRTG targets for the objects we are
> monitoring on that specific device.
> *	We run each such config file with a separate instance of
> perl/MRTG in daemon mode

Sounds about right. This is how we do it, although we have some config
files that monitor several devices for devices with small numbers of
interfaces. Multiple configs also has the added benefit of limiting how
many devices you don't collect data for in the time between making a typo
in a config and the time that you notice that your graphs aren't updating
:-) We monitor maybe 1000-1200 or so devices. The box is a dual Athlon
with 768 MB RAM and never even comes close to having a problem (but we run
Linux on it). I've never tried to run MRTG on Windows myself...

> Since we monitor about 40+ devices, that implies that we get typically
> about 40+ instances of the perl process (one can see it on the "Process"
> tab of Windows task manager). Similarly when these instances of
> perl/mrtg start the graphing process, they start another "cmd.exe" and
> "rateup.exe" process each, resulting in those many more instances of
> cmd.exe and rateup.exe.

Possible easy solution: You have 5 minutes between MRTG runs. You could
try spreading out the MRTG runs so that you run fewer runs each minute
such that over a 5 minute period you run through all the configs once.
Maybe run 10 configs on minute 0, 10 on minute 1, 10 more on minute 2,
etc., then repeat the process. Provided MRTG runs through each config
reasonably quickly on your machine, this would allow you to spread out the
load somewhat with a minimum of effort on your part.


Waveform Technology
UNIX Systems Administrator

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