[mrtg] Using MRTG to graph Cisco SAA Jitter Stats...

Winter, R. Stephen SWinter at becu.org
Thu Dec 16 22:03:28 MET 2004

Hi All, 

I'm trying to setup my MRTG to graph the Jitter/RTT/Loss/ect stats that
I get from the SAA feature in my cisco routers.  After walking the
proper oid's, I noticed that the instance of the OID changes everytime I
restart the SAA job.

Is there any way around this?  The (example) OID that I get from the MIB
is "rttMonJitterStatsNumPositiveDS", so I convert that to
"" and add the SAA profile (say 3).  With
just that I get nothing. When I walk it, I see an extra instance number
after the SAA profile of some 6-7 digit number.  When I use that in the
mrtg config, all works fine.  But, it doesn't stay constant.  When I
restart the SAA profile or reboot the router, it changed to some other
seemingly random number...

I have a bunch of these that I want to setup, but I don't want to have
to change the OID's for everything everytime I restart the SAA or reboot
the router.

I tried loading the MIB's in the config file (LoadMIBs:
d:\mrtg\bin\CISCO-RTTMON-MIB.my), but I got nothing when I used the name
instead of the full OID.  

Sanitized config...

xSize[_]: 600
MaxBytes[_]: 180
AbsMax[_]: 10000
WithPeak[_]: ymwd
Options[_]: gauge, growright,unknaszero
WorkDir: d:\mrtg\stats

. at
Title[JavaJoe.NumPosSD.3]: Java Joe:3 NumPosSD	
PageTop[JavaJoe.NumPosSD.3]: <H1>Java Joe:3 NumPosSD</H1

9317080:public at
Title[JavaJoe.SumPosSD.3]: Java Joe:3 SumPosSD	
PageTop[JavaJoe.SumPosSD.3]: <H1>Java Joe:3 SumPosSD</H1

Am I doing something fundamentally wrong or is this just something I'm
going to have to live with?


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