[mrtg] Re: Problem whit CPU monitoring on windows 2003 and windows 2000 server

Garth Williams garth.williams at acrodex.com
Mon Jan 5 22:33:16 MET 2004

Well, to begin with, your target line is incorrect (needs 2 OIDs).

Here is the MRTG config I use. I run collection on BOTH Windows 2000 and Windows 2003 and gather stats from Windows 2000, 2003 and XP systems, using only slight variations of this config.

Obviously your OIDs will differ a wee bit with dual processors!


Background[WIN2KFS1_CPU0]: #9090909
Target[WIN2KFS1_CPU0]: at
ThreshDesc[WIN2KFS1_CPU0]: CPU #1 Usage (Percent) on System: WIN2KFS1
# creates red dotted line on the graph; match with ThreshMaxI
MaxBytes[WIN2KFS1_CPU0]: 75
AbsMax[WIN2KFS1_CPU0]: 100
Title[WIN2KFS1_CPU0]: CPU 1 Percent Utilization
Options[WIN2KFS1_CPU0]: gauge, nopercent
# Unscaled[WIN2KFS1_CPU0]: dwmy
# Supress[WIN2KFS1_CPU0]:dwmy
XSize[WIN2KFS1_CPU0]: 380
YSize[WIN2KFS1_CPU0]: 100
YLegend[WIN2KFS1_CPU0]: CPU Load (%)
ShortLegend[WIN2KFS1_CPU0]: %
Legend1[WIN2KFS1_CPU0]: CPU1 Priv Utilization in percent
Legend2[WIN2KFS1_CPU0]: CPU1 User Utilization in percent
# Legend3[WIN2KFS1_CPU0]:
# Legend4[WIN2KFS1_CPU0]:
LegendI[WIN2KFS1_CPU0]: CPU1_Priv_Load:&nbsp
LegendO[WIN2KFS1_CPU0]: CPU1_User_Load:&nbsp

# Use ThreshMinI for minimum threshold breach notification
# i.e. if under ThreshMinI, then threshunder.bat will run
# ThreshMinI[WIN2KFS1_CPU0]: 10
# ThreshProgI[WIN2KFS1_CPU0]: D:\\NET-SONAR\thresholds\threshunder.bat

# Use ThreshMaxI for maximum threshold breach notification for CPU0
# i.e. if over ThreshMaxI, then threshover.bat will run
ThreshMaxI[WIN2KFS1_CPU0]: 75
ThreshProgI[WIN2KFS1_CPU0]: D:\\NET-SONAR\thresholds\threshover.bat
ThreshProgOKI[WIN2KFS1_CPU0]: D:\\NET-SONAR\thresholds\threshok.bat

-----Original Message-----
> it´s that anything wrong whit this line ??
> Target[blofeld.CPU]: at
> it is stil teling me that: noSuchName

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