[mrtg] Inconsistant graphs that seem to disagree with rrd data

Jim Mozley jim.mozley at exponential-e.com
Fri Jan 16 15:53:09 MET 2004

I have a graph generated by 14all.cgi from rrd that shows inconsistent 
values when compared to the figures in the legend.

I have a switch with 3 virtual interfaces that are running at around 5, 
30 and 80 Mb/s fairly constantly as the traffic is generated by a 
network testing device.

The traffic goes through a gig-e interface that shows the current 
traffic (in the figures below the legend) as around 115 Mb/s, which is 
what I would expect. The Maximal and Average are also around 115 Mb/s, 
which again is what I'd expect because the traffic generation has been 
going for over a day.

However, my problem is that the in/out traffic shown on the graph is 
around 150 Mb/s.

The same can be seen on the network device at the other end of the link.

Checking other network devices (not involved in the testing) shows that 
they seem to be reporting traffic correctly in that the graph seems to 
be consistent with the figures.

I am using MRTG 2.9.27, RRD 1.0.41 and 14all.cgi 2.25 on RiverStone 

Can anyone explain this behaviour which I haven't seen before in our 


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