[mrtg] Re: Mb vs Gb identifiers on graph

Alex van den Bogaerdt alex at ergens.op.het.net
Sun Jan 25 20:26:49 MET 2004

On Sun, Jan 25, 2004 at 09:14:18AM -0500, Joe Wixted wrote:

> My graphs - one of which can be found at
> http://mrtg.osv.com/acs-sql.ldisk.freee.html
> <http://mrtg.osv.com/acs-sql.ldisk.freee.html>  - all show "M Gb" when
> relating to disk space in the footer, when it should really be "Gb", and
> "M" along the left axis, when it should really say be "G".

You're mixing up units and prefixes.

In "km/h", "k" is the prefix and "m/h" is the unit.
In "Free bytes", "bytes" is the unit, not "Gb".

> kMG[acs-sql.ldisk.freee]: ,M,G,T,P
> ShortLegend[acs-sql.ldisk.freee]: Gb

You're getting millions of Gigabytes.  I guess that's not right,
but that is because you instructed MRTG to do so.

The unit is bytes so set "Shortlegend[acs-sql.ldisk.freee]: B

If you're entering gigabytes into MRTG (in stead of bytes), the
default meaning of kMG (,k,M,G,T,P) has to be multiplied by
1,000,000,000 as well.  Basically the first three multipliers
are skipped (you don't do bytes, kilobytes and megabytes) so
do the same in kMG.

You'll have to look the rest up but here's the start: G,T,P,...

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