[mrtg] CPU W2K SMNP2CA

Alan Rader darlists at bakerd.com
Wed Jan 28 14:50:53 MET 2004

I am monitoring my CPU on a W2K server and getting data, but I have the
same OID for both lines yet getting different values.  I am also using
the new SNMP2CA from WSTC.  Below is my config, I only have one CPU, but
just called the blue line CPU2 for now until I figure out which one, or
both that I need.  I am also doing this same setup for memory using the
same OID for both graphs and the blue line stays right on top of the
green which seems right to me.  On my below CPU, green is pretty stable
and even across, but blue has bunches of spikes.  Also watching my CPU
Util in windows task manager, the CPU jumps up and down constantly which
is normal for this box.
So can any one clear up for me why when graphing the same OID, blue and
green are not lining up?
### CPU ###
. at ip
MaxBytes[inepo1_cpu]: 100
Unscaled[inepo1_cpu]: dwmy
Options[inepo1_cpu]: gauge,unknaszero,nopercent,growright 
WithPeak[inepo1_cpu]: dwmy
YLegend[inepo1_cpu]: % Utilization
ShortLegend[inepo1_cpu]: %
Legend1[inepo1_cpu]: CPU Utilization
Legend2[inepo1_cpu]: CPU 2 Util
Legend3[inepo1_cpu]: Max value per interval on graph
Legend4[inepo1_cpu]: .
LegendI[inepo1_cpu]: CPU:
LegendO[inepo1_cpu]: CPU2:
Title[inepo1_cpu]: INEPO1
PageTop[inepo1_cpu]: <H1>INEPO1 W2K</H1>

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