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At 09:35 29-01-2004 -0700, Cook, Garry wrote:
>mrtg-bounce at list.ee.ethz.ch wrote:
> > At 16:08 29-01-2004 +0100, nvalver1 at corp.vodafone.es wrote:
> >> Thanks,
> >> I am registered, but these mibs aren´t.
> >
> > I don't think there are specific MIBs for IP300 and IP500.
> > The SNMP comes
> > with the IPSO and AFAIK, it has been unschanged since IPSO
> > 3.4.1-FCS11. Any
> > Nokia IP Security Platform running IPSO 3.4.1-FCS11 or later, should
> > have the same MIB.
> >
>Here is what I was using in the past to monitor my IP 440. This config has 
>not been in use for a few months, so YMMV. Beware of line wraps...

Interfaces should be straightforward, though I prefer to query by IP address:

Target[<IP_Address>_1]: /ipaddress:<SNMP_Community>@<IP_Address>:

- as I rarely know what physical interface have which IP.

I use MRTG to monitor 193 (!!) Nokia IP Security Platforms, located 
globally. We currently monitor 2 interfaces, 2 x ping-probe, memory usage, 
swap usage, average load, number of processes, number of TCP connections 
and Disk usage for /var. It takes approximately 2 minutes, to get through 
them all. Therefore I have also reduced number of retries to 2 (default 5).

Using LoadMIBs, I have loaded the HOST-RESSOURCES-MIB.txt and 
HOST-RESSOURCES-TYPES.txt MIB files, that comes with net-snmp. Doing a 
snmpwalk on the Nokia IP Security Platform gives a quite clear picture of 
the common OIDs.

However, if you look for the FW-1 specific OID's, I think you should take a 
look at Cricket with the Nokia provided branch.

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