[mrtg] Re: Problem with past data after disaster recovery

Fernando Costa de Almeida falmeida at computeasy.com.br
Tue Jul 13 15:11:52 MEST 2004

Well, instead of trying to explain what happened with my poor english I
think its better that you see with your own eyes :-).

 I put a copy of the page on this address:


 Let's take, for instance, the graffic of Interface 8, labeled as "SAIDA
INTERNET ROUTER TELMEX01". Please take a look at the Weekly' Graph. The
restore has happened in the last Thursday, 7 PM. Notice how the data
before the event differ from what I have now...

 The log is available in
4_12.log .
 Im installing a RAID controller in this machine right now. Curiously,
this is the only server here that didnt had disk redundancy. As said in
the Murphy's Law, "Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong". :-)


> -----Original Message-----
> From: Bill Wichers [mailto:billw at waveform.net] 
> Sent: Tuesday, July 13, 2004 1:04 AM
> To: Fernando Costa de Almeida
> Subject: Re: [mrtg] Problem with past data after disaster recovery
> Is the problem you are seeing due to a very large spike that 
> is scaling
> the graph so that the earlier data is essentially zero, or is 
> the early
> data actually different from before as a value (as in it was 
> 100k but is
> now 5k or something similar)? I have often had glitches cause a few
> samples of massively high traffic (80+ Mb/s on interfaces 
> that normally
> move about 1 Mb/s), and the solution I have used in the past 
> is to just
> remove a few digits from the erroneous samples in log files 
> so that the
> graphs are regenerated with more relistic traffic values.
> BTW, RAID is almost a requirement on a production stats box 
> IMHO. Saves me
> lots of headaches! I highly recommend it -- even a cheapie 
> IDE RAID1 will
> protect against the occasional disk crash.
>      -Bill
> >
> >  Hi all,
> >
> >  I'm facing a big problem with mrtg right now. Last week, my mrtg
> > server's HD just crashed, and I had to restore a backup. As 
> a result,
> > mrtg losts about 1 day of data, and the grafic of that day becomes a
> > straight line (as explained in the FAQ).
> > My problem is that mrtg seemed to recalculate all its past 
> data, and the
> > values before the crash day became extremely low. Looking 
> at the grafic,
> > you can see clearly the division between 'before' and 
> 'after' the crash
> > and, because the autoscalling, you can't even see the 
> values before the
> > crash event (they appear to be 'zeros').
> >
> >  How can I solve this? Can I just copy the values from the 
> day before
> > the crash (for example) to the day with missing data?
> >
> >  Thanks in advance!
> >

ALMEIDA, Fernando Costa de
Computeasy Informática
ICQ 72293951

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