[mrtg] Getting BB and MRTG to play nice with bbmrtg(dot)pl

Cole, Michael - MLMC Toronto mcole at munichre.ca
Mon Mar 8 16:21:14 MET 2004

Hi everyone,

Sorry to bother you all, but I am having a lot of grief with bbmrtg(dot)pl and it looks like quite a few people who read this list have played with that script so hopefully someone can help me with this.

What I am trying to do is get BigBrother to display data just like on this web page:

http://demo.bb4.com/bb/ with the MRTG column.

The details:

I have a Red Hat 9.0 box running MRTG nicely, I actually ported the MRTG logs over from a Win 2K box and everything looks good as far as MRTG goes, its gathering some nice statistics on a Brocade SAN switch and a Cisco Catalyst 4006 (that's a switch), it is also making some nice graphs which are pretty - good job Toby. :)

Now I have installed the RRD tool and moved everything into the RRD format, I also installed 14all, and everything works, albeit now things are really slow when I point a web browser at the MRTG graphs. I am no Perl expert but I keep seeing reference's to mod_perl, is this some Perl library? Do I need to install some more Perl stuff? I have Perl v5.8.0 in there now am I missing something? (Note that I am running the Linux box on a VM, so this issue may in fact not be resolvable short of getting more hardware into the computer room; however if someone has some experience with this I'd like to hear what they did.) Anyway at least the thing works, so this is not the big deal problem.

I also have BigBrother installed, and it works. In my big brother host file I list a few servers and it can ping all of them as well as make DNS queries and ftp requests of the relevant machines.

But... (the problem description follows): When I try to point BigBrother in the direction of  my MRTG config files (one for Brocade and one for the Cat4006) things get ugly. First I configured a copy of $BBHOME/ext/bbmrtg.pl to work with mrtg_Cisco4006.cfg, then I added the following to my bb-bbexttab:

localhost : : bbmrtg.pl;60

Then I tried to make a mapping in the $BBHOME/etc/bb-hosts file:
<IP addr>	cisco4006.FQDN	#
now initially it worked but then I changed it to:
<IP addr>	cisco4006.FQDN	# BBDISPLAY ssh bbmrtg
(I misunderstood some online documentation.)

Ever since whenever I remove the cisco entry and re-add it I get something about BB being unable to generate a report on ssh status for the Cisco4006. But worse than that BB is still unable to get anything regarding the MRTG data.

What I want is for BB to give a green or red on MRTG data and if you click on the green or red button you would get redirected to the MRTG graphs.

I kept reading, by now Google searching this list and the big brother archive for information on the topic and the best I can come up with is this entry for the bb-hosts file:

<ip addrs of the machine running bb & MRTG>	<machine name>	# BBPAGER BBNET BBDISPLAY bbmrtg

Alright, except that the bb page just shows Machine name and a column about this host being pingable and nothing on MRTG.

*** SUMMARY ***

I have modified $BBHOME/ext/bbmrtg.pl to work with a _working_ MRTG cfg file.
I have made a $BBHOME/etc/bb-bbexttab file and added a reference to bbmrtg.pl in that file.
I have added bbmrtg to the list of 'services' available on the host running BB and MRTG.

What am I forgetting? What am I doing wrong? Where can/should I go for further help?

Thank you all for any help/advice you can offer.

If anyone feels there is a better tool than BB for producing a front end to MRTG please let me know, I would be very interested in hearing about it.

Thanks again,


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