[mrtg] Re: OT: Overseas Network Connections

Bigelow, Andrea L. BigelowA at SEC.GOV
Mon Mar 15 20:31:45 MET 2004

> We are opening an office in China (Beijing) and our office supposedly
> has a E1 to the Internet.  We have setup a site to site VPN 
> and I don't
> know if this is normal or what, but I think it sucks :(.  Average
> response time is over 300ms and I am seeing about 15% packet loss.
> Response times and packet loss are jumping up and down 
> constantly.  Even
> right now when it is 3:00am over there, response times are 
> around 250ms
> and packet loss is still up and down from %5 - 30%.  
> We have a T3 out of our US office that is barely used.  Pings and
> traceroutes are dropped somewhere in China, I think China Netcom or
> someone like that.  

The response time is, sadly, normal. The US has hands-down the best
telephone service in the world (scary, I know, but true). The Internet and
data services in Asia are where we were 5-10 years ago depending on where
you go. (Europe's better. Middle East is worse, as is South America). 

However, based on my experience with international data service, the packet
loss is not necessarily normal. Bug your IXC provider -- they likely ordered
the local loop from China Netcom, so they'll have to get them to fix it. It
may just be that they're on old, outdated, and possibly overloaded equipment
(in China, I think this frighteningly likely). But it's worth asking your
provider. Do you know if the E1 is backhauled from the US or if it's local?

Andi L. Bigelow
Dyncorp EOS - Network Engineering Group
United States Securities and Exchange Commission
(202) 942-4368

"Every man dies, but not every man really lives." -- Braveheart

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