[mrtg] Re: configure mrtg for a 1000M network router

George Lin george_mrtg at hotmail.com
Wed May 12 19:37:41 MEST 2004

It is very kind of you to reply so quickly, Alex buddy!

Can you introduce me some materials dealing with how to enable mrtg using 
64-bit counter mechanism? I have no such experience before. Better step by 
step document just like the installation guide of mrtg.

Best regards,
>From: Alex van den Bogaerdt <alex at ergens.op.het.net>
>To: mrtg at list.ee.ethz.ch
>Subject: [mrtg] Re: configure mrtg for a 1000M network router
>Date: Wed, 12 May 2004 16:56:46 +0200
>On Wed, May 12, 2004 at 10:21:55PM +0800, George Lin wrote:
> > I am assigned a task to configure mrtg for a 1000M network router. I 
> > some experiences before to configure mrtg to monitor a 100M network 
> > so the basic configuration is not a problem. But a friend told me that 
> > can not work smoothly with high speed network (for example, 1000M 
> > without snmp V2 enabled and rrdtool enabled. And the interval mrtg 
> > runs should be 1 minute (as short as possible). I previously use 5 
> > interval in crontab to enable mrtg to monitor 100M router.
>You're dealing with the problem of counter overflows.  This can happen
>in the snmp counters and can also happen in the mrtg programs.
>Using 64-bit counters will solve at least one problem, that of snmp
>counters overflowing.
>When the counter values are coming in using 64-bit counters, mrtg should
>be able to cope with them.  The resulting rate (after computing the diff
>and dividing by the diff in time) may exceed the amount that can be
>stored in a 32-bit counter.  I am not sure if MRTG can cope with data
>rates above 2 GB/s.
>Running MRTG every minute in stead of every 5 minutes will result in:
>- smaller deltas inbetween updates (useful for 32-bit counters)
>- more granularity in detecting peak values
>I ask you to respect any "Reply-To" and "Mail-Follow-Up" headers.  If
>you reply to me off-list, you'd better tell me you're doing so.  If
>you don't, and if I reply to the list, that's your problem, not mine.
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