[mrtg] Generating Broadcast graphs for all interfaces

Andrew Werbowy Andrew_Werbowy at cbc.ca
Mon May 17 15:27:36 MEST 2004

Hi All,
I want to generate broadcast stats on my catalysts switches
and I was wondering if anybody did something already like this.
Well here is what I am using and gettingthe error in executing the
 /usr/local/mrtg-2/bin/cfgmaker --host-template=broadcast.template
public at
"Global symbol "$if_ok" requires explicit package name at (eval 4) line
27, <IF_TEMPLATE> line 68.
Global symbol "$target_name" requires explicit package name at (eval 4)
line 29, <IF_TEMPLATE> line 68.
And here is the script,  ohh and I do not know Perl:
if ($if_ok) {
my $target_name = $target_name . ".drop";
my $directory_name = $directory_name . "";
$head_lines .= <<ECHO;
#  Input Queue drops  for $target_name
$target_lines .= <<ECHO;
# Inbound / Outbound Unicast Packet Count
Target[$target_name]: $router_name:::::2
YLegend[$target_name]: Ucast Packets
Directory[$target_name]: $router_name
ShortLegend[$target_name]: Pkt/sec
Legend1[$target_name]: Inbound (Rx) Unicast Packet Count
Legend2[$target_name]: Outbound (Tx) Unicast Packet Count
Legend3[$target_name]: Max. Inbound Unicast Packet Count
Legend4[$target_name]: Max. Outbound Unicast Packet Count
LegendI[$target_name]: In Ucast:
LegendO[$target_name]: Out Ucast:
#MaxBytes[$target_name]: 100
WithPeak[$target_name]: ywm
Unscaled[$target_name]: dwmy
Options[$target_name]: growright, nopercent
Title[$target_name]: $router_name Ucast Pkts/sec
PageTop[$target_name]: <H1>$router_name  Ucast Pkts/sec</H1>
<TR><TD>System:</TD><TD>$router_name in $html_syslocation</TD></TR>
<TR><TD>Maintainer:</TD><TD>$html_syscontact </TD></TR>
<TR><TD VALIGN="top">Description:</TD><TD>$html_sysdescr</TD></TR>
<TR><TD>Description:</TD><TD> Inbound / Outbound Unicast Packet Count

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