[mrtg] Re: MRTG losing Bytes in Octet string

Neil Jowsey n.jowsey at leeds.ac.uk
Fri May 28 11:33:51 MEST 2004

I would be very interested in a fix to this problem. Is it worth raising a bug report as other fibre channel switches (eg McData) use 64 bit counters and return their values to MRTG as ASCII strings. Ignoring 0x0A and 0x0D values is a bit of a problem!

As a work around I 'call' a Perl script from the Target line that runs SNMPGet.EXE (it's a windows box) and converts Octet string output of SNMPget to a decimal. I don't believe this suffers from the problem above. 

It's not an elegant solution, as Active Perl 5.6 returns an 'integer overflow' error when doing the 'hex' function on an 8 octet string BUT it then returns the correct value! Does anyone know if active Perl 5.8 uses 64 bit libraries and can do the conversion 'cleanly'? I've not had time to test this, and don't really have the knowledge to compile a windows version of Perl with a 64bit libraries (if there is one available).



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> I spent some time with the perl debugger. I was able to find 
> inside the mrtg module the array (@ ret and @final) where the 
> octet string is stored. I've found that when inside the octet 
> string is a hex value of  0x0a or 0x0d, this byte is allready 
> lost. In this case I'm shure that the problem happens in the 
> mrtg itself. I was not able to find out in which mrtg module 
> the octet string will be posted to check the coctet counter 
> which is sent directly from the FC/9000 before it will be 
> manipulated or changed from any mrtg module.

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