[mrtg] Off toipc (a little) feedback requested for snmp and docsis

Lars Goldschlager lars.gold at gmail.com
Wed Nov 10 20:06:46 MET 2004

Hi all, this is a little off topic here, but I am sure there are few
places with so many experts in snmp and there could be here, so I post
it here to see if anybody can give me theyr feedback on this.

This is regarding the monitoring of individual cable modems via the
central cable modem UBR usign snmp as specified by DOCSIS:

I've been asked to use SNMP to monitor the byte ussage
(transfer ussage) of clients using diferent cable modem providers via
the providers' UBRs, a mix of Motorola and Cisco UBRs. So far I've
found and tried the following method but I wish the help from experts
to review this method and see if there is anything wrong with it so
far or if I am taking the right road, both upload and download ussage
must be monitored and taken note of, at the UBR side, via mac address,
here is what I currently do:

1) Use iso.org.dod.internet.mgmt.mib-2.transmission.docsIfMib.docsIfMibObjects.docsIfCmtsObjects.docsIfCmtsCmStatusTable.docsIfCmtsCmStatusEntry.docsIfCmtsCmStatusMacAddress.x
(. To obtain my first interface index
(x) using the mac address of the modem asociated to that interface.

2) Use iso.org.dod.internet.mgmt.mib-2.transmission.docsIfMib.docsIfMibObjects.docsIfCmtsObjects.docsIfCmtsServiceTable.docsIfCmtsServiceEntry.docsIfCmtsServiceCmStatusIndex.y.y
(. To obtain my second index (y.y)
using my x index, this new index points directly to the device I am

3) Read the incomming and outgoing byte ussage by that remote cable
modem via the following entries:

Yes, I know the second MIB corresponds to a cisco based extension to
DOCSIS not to DOCSIS itself, but it seems even the Motorola UBRs
implement it, and it's the only source for that info I've found so

Any tips please?

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