[mrtg] Re: bits per second to Mega Bytes per second

Peter Glanville Peter_Glanville at cuk.canon.co.uk
Thu Oct 28 10:01:13 MEST 2004

> What I want is that the graphs shows all the information in gigabytes
> instead of bits.
> I want to know how much bandwidth each machine are consumming in
> gigabytes, because all machines are on a IDC(internet data center).
By removing the word 'bits' from the options line, MRTG defaults to 
measuring Bytes.

If you want Gigabytes you need to divide bytes by 1,000,000,000 (or 1024 ^ 
eg Target[fred]: 3:public at / 1000000000

And then you need to ammend the graph to show GB instead of B for the 
values (RTFM for 'Legend')
The KMG options (RTFM for usage, and then experiment for presentation) can 
be used to make it say TerraBytes instead of Kilo-Gigabytes

However, back to the beginning. I have forgoten what you are measuring. Is 
it the Network interface, or disk capacity or what

Natively, MRTG calculates the rate of change of a counter, and produces 
'bytes per second'
For measuring disk capacity, you do not want the 'per second' calculation 
performed, so you add the word 'Gauge' to the Options.

This thread has run for a while.
If you are still stuck, may I suggest a restart, with a new topic heading, 
stating what you are measuring, how, and what you want to see.


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