[mrtg] Re: SNMP info from other end of WAN

Michael Markstaller mm at elabnet.de
Sat Sep 4 11:56:28 MEST 2004

I don't see what the problem would be with this (?) as long as you're
using IPSec for security, hopefully with certs..
We're monitoring a few hundred Hosts, mostly IOS but also some
Cat,PIX,W2k with ~3500 targets from a single mrtg-server running 4
instances of mrtg, also via IPSec
I've created loopback-interfaces on each IOS remote with a separate
IPSec-SA making management independet of the attached
LAN/WAN-infrastrukture (dynamic IP's etc)
works 100% smooth, the splitting into separate instances is mainly for
other mrtg-instances to survive the outage of two big sites with more
than 20 hosts.. 
using routers2.cgi and mrtg-rrds.cgi as front-end depending on the
customers choice with per-customer view rights.
regarding bandwidth, as far as it's somewhat above 64kBit no concerns.
HW/SW: Debian woody/Dual-PIII-866/768MB/18GB Raid-1 10k, and the same
box deals with nagios, smokeping


> We've got a couple of other locations that I'd like to start 
> monitoring.
> These locations do have Cisco Routers and PIX firewalls, and we've
> implemented site-to-site VPN's between them.  My question is: how do I
> monitor SNMP on this end of the WAN link for routers, switches and
> servers on the other end? I've verified that SNMP is running on the
> remote devices, and I've even set up an MRTG server on the 
> other end to
> collect the data, but I'd like to end up with all the data 
> and graphs on
> one server at my location.  I am using rrd and routers.cgi on this
> end...

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