[mrtg] Re: Company Logo On Graph Pages

Eric Brander Eric_Mailing_List at rednarb.com
Wed Sep 8 21:26:10 MEST 2004

Britt Tabor wrote:

> Just FYI for all. You can place pretty much any html tag there however, you
> can't manipulate them to much. Meaning for the description line:
>     <TR><TD>Description:</TD>    <TD>Workflow Server</TD></TR>
> that is fine but this:
>     <TR><TD align="right">Description:</TD>    <TD>Workflow Server</TD></TR>
> will return an error when running indexmaker. It will tell say you don't
> have a description line. I looked at the code and it does not include
> wildcards and expects the description line to be <TR><TD>Description ...
> Britt Tabor
> I.T. Infrastructure Engineer


I think that as long as the test on the line of the PageTop keyword is 
"normal" it works fine. For instance, check out this CrAzY PageTop I got 
from SNMP4TPC:

PageTop[ULTRALORD_CPU0]: <div align="center"><center>

  <table border="1" width="98%" height="87">
     <td width="14%" height="52"><p align="center"><font 
     src="headerlogo.png" alt="Header Logo" align="absmiddle" 
width="120" height="60"></small></font></td>
     <td width="76%" height="52"><p align="center"><strong><font 
face="Arial"><big>CPU #1 Utilization Percentages on 
     <td width="14%" height="52"><strong><big><p 
     face="Arial"><small><img src="headerlogo.png" alt="Header Logo" 
     width="120" height="60"></small></font></td>
     <td width="13%" bgcolor="#008000"><p align="center"><input 
     VALUE="&lt; Back " onClick="history.back()"></td>
     <td width="73%" bgcolor="#008000"><strong><font face="Verdana"><p 
     color="#FFFF00" size="3" face="Verdana">WTCS Network Monitoring 
     face="Verdana"> </font></strong></td>
     <td width="14%" bgcolor="#008000"><p align="center"><input 
     VALUE=" Ahead &gt; " onClick="history.forward()"></td>
  <H5><font face="Arial">Data collected using SNMP Informant.</H5>
   <P>This is a measurement of the 1 minute averaged CPU utilization at 
the time of query.  Dotted
     Red Line (when visible) indicates utilization threshold level. 
Alerts are generated at this point. </P>


Eric Brander

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