[mrtg] Various Problems graphing system load and other values

Dan Mahoney, System Admin danm at prime.gushi.org
Sat Sep 25 18:32:45 MEST 2004

Okay, so I was graphing my system load in the usual manner (i.e. 
multiplying it by 100), and I ran into some issues graphing my hard disk 

I'll detail the hard disk size in another email, as I think it's mainly 
because I was trying to graph things in bytes (rather than 1-k blocks), so 
that MRTG's built in kilo, mega, giga conversion would take place.

Anyway, something about this convinced me to try RRDtool, and I've 
encountered a couple of problems with it.

When I tried to graph load average with a decimal, I got the following 

ERROR: Cannot update /home/danm/public_html/mrtg/load.rrd with 
'1096129409:1.17:119' not a simple integer: '1.17'

I thought this was supposed to be something rrdtool could handle?

Additionally, the data type for all rrd's is set to "COUNTER" rather than 
what they should be (i.e. gauge, absolute) if those are set in mrtg.cfg

Finally, it seems rrdtool is doing some math it shouldn't be, as when I do 
an rrdtool dump on the rrd, I get values like this:

<!-- 2004-09-25 01:05:00 EDT / 1096088700 --> <row><v> 3.3526011561e-01 
</v><v> 2.3121387283e-02 </v></row>
<!-- 2004-09-25 01:10:00 EDT / 1096089000 --> 
<row><v> 1.3564795119e+00 </v><v> 2.8822080925e-01 </v></row>
<!-- 2004-09-25 01:15:00 EDT / 1096089300 --> 
<row><v> 1.4741725009e+00 </v><v> 1.3540626533e+00 </v></row>
<!-- 2004-09-25 01:20:00 EDT / 1096089600 --> 
<row><v> 1.4174337716e+07 </v><v> 1.4174339719e+07 </v></row>
<!-- 2004-09-25 01:25:00 EDT / 1096089900 --> 
<row><v> 1.4410732367e+07 </v><v> 1.4410732085e+07 </v></row>
<!-- 2004-09-25 01:30:00 EDT / 1096090200 --> 
<row><v> 4.8042286822e+04 </v><v> 1.4269472814e+07 </v></row>

I'm running it every five minutes.  It's adding one value to the database 
every five minutes.  Why is it running averages?

The resulting graph looks like this:




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