[mrtg] Cutting the graph at a specific value

Guillermo Hechem ghechem at ciudad.com.ar
Wed Apr 13 18:45:13 MEST 2005

Hi list,

Here's my problem: I´m using MRTG to make graphs of a server's network card 
via SNMP. The maximum value the traffic can reach is (for 100 Mbps) 12500000 
In normal conditions, both incoming and outgoing traffic never exceed 512 
KBytes. However, at night some information in the server is backed up, 
resulting in two hours of traffic that can reach 8 MBytes. With the MaxBytes 
option set to 12500000, this causes the "normal" traffic to become 
My main interest is to view the normal traffic. Still, I´d like to see the 
traffic in the backup process as well (at least a portion). Thus I'd like to 
"cut" the graph at, let´s say, 1 MByte in the Y axis. I've tried so far:

* AbsMax[eth]: 12500000 and Maxbytes[eth]: 1000000. With this options I see 
the same graph, that is, all the traffic up to the 8 MB value.
* AbsMax[eth]: 12500000, Maxbytes[eth]: 1000000 and Unscaled[eth]: dwmy. 
Same as above.
* Maxbytes[eth]: 1000000. This seemed to solve the problem. However, values 
of traffic higher that 1 MB are discarded, which cause the backup process
not to appear in the graph.

I'm running MRTG (latest version) under Windows, with RRDTOOL and 14all.cgi 
to make the graphs.

Any ideas on how to solve this?

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