[mrtg] MRTG logging apache hits on Darwin

Evan Platt evan at espphotography.com
Wed Aug 10 19:58:47 MEST 2005

Hello all.. I'm running mrtg and apache on Darwin (OS / X) .

I'd like to have a mrtg graph monitoring apache hits. Every reference 
I've seen is o/s generic, and fails. One I saw posted here a while 
back gave error after error (missing MaxBytes[apachehttpd] and so forth).

I would also like to monitor incoming and outgoing e-mails, and 
spamassassin scores.

The postfix setup for mrtg shows the same # of incoming and outgoing 
e-mails. It sounds right for incoming but not outgoing.

The SpamAssassin score shows 0.

The mrtgs are at http://www.espphotography.com/mrtg/ssavg.html and 
http://www.espphotography.com/mrtg/postfix.html .

I've attached my mrtg.cfg below.

Any input appreciated.



# Spam Score Averages
Target[ssavg]: `/usr/local/mrtg-2/bin/mrtg-spamscorer.pl`
Title[ssavg]: Average Spam Scores
PageTop[ssavg]: <H1>Average Spam Scores</H1>
XSize[ssavg]: 360
YSize[ssavg]: 75
MaxBytes[ssavg]: 9
AbsMax[ssavg]: 100
YLegend[ssavg]: scores
ShortLegend[ssavg]: scores
Options[ssavg]: growright,nopercent,gauge
Legend1[ssavg]: Points
Legend2[ssavg]: Points
LegendI[ssavg]: &nbsp;Probable Spam Avg Score&nbsp;
LegendO[ssavg]: &nbsp;Definite Spam Avg Score&nbsp;
Colours[ssavg]: DKBLUE#61A0DF,DKBLUE#0000DD,RED#FF0000,RED#FF0000

WorkDir: /Library/WebServer/Documents/mrtg

# MRTG mail cfg:  Postfix mailstats plotting with MRTG          #
Target[postfix]: `/usr/local/bin/mrtg-mailstats.pl`
Options[postfix]: gauge, growright
Title[postfix]: Postfix Statistics
PageTop[postfix]: <H1>Postfix Statistics</H1>
WithPeak[postfix]: dwmy
YLegend[postfix]: No. of messages
ShortLegend[postfix]: messages
LegendI[postfix]: &nbsp;Incoming:
LegendO[postfix]: &nbsp;Outgoing:
MaxBytes[postfix]: 12

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