[mrtg] Re: Monitor CPU on Extreme Summit 5i

Greg.Volk at edwardjones.com Greg.Volk at edwardjones.com
Mon Aug 22 14:00:42 MEST 2005

> I've been an MRTG user for a few years now but 
> have only used it for basic bandwidth monitoring.  
> I'd like to start watching the CPU utilization of 
> a L3 switch that I've been having some issues 
> with (Extreme Summit 5i) but have no idea how to 
> set up monitoring on that.

Download Getif from http://www.wtcs.org/snmp4tpc/getif.htm
Install & run Getif
Get the mib file(s) for your Extreme switch
Put it in the c:\progra~1\getif\mibs directory.
Delete c:\progra~1\getif\mibs\.index
Exit Getif
Reload Getif
Click on the MBrowser tab
Navigate to iso -> org -> dod -> internet -> private -> enterprises
Extreme should be listed under here. If it isn't,
take a look at the c:\progra~1\getif\getif.log file
to see if there was an issue when Getif tried to load
the mib file.
Find the cpu variable (not all vendors support 
cpu OIDs, so it may not exist, but most higher-end 
switches have some equivalent)
After you find a leaf node that you want to collect
data on, take the OID from Getif (it will be listed at
the top) and do some snmpwalks against it to see if
it returns valid data like:

snmpwalk myswitch public .

(the above example is the CPU oid for a Foundry switch)

After you have a good OID, you can manually build a
MRTG config with it, or work it into a template such as
http://mrtg.gvolk.com/template/host-ios.template which
is more maintainable and a lot easier to use via
cfgmaker. The host-ios.template file is for a cisco, but
just replace the cisco CPU OID with your Extreme CPU 
oid and delete the mem free template.

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