[mrtg] Re: Install inconsistency...

Steve Shipway s.shipway at auckland.ac.nz
Mon Dec 5 21:26:54 MET 2005

>We've been using rrdtool for a couple of years now in our MRTG 
>graphs.  At some point, I upgraded from rrdtool 1.0.45 to 1.2.11.

And you broke your perl modules, right?

>Killspike.pl: after restoring the database from the xml file 
>and rerun mrtg against the .cfg file, I get the error: "ERROR: 
>Cannot tune logfile: can't handle RRD file version 0003".

This is the error message the v1.0.x produces when it encounters a rrd file
created by v1.2.x.

> Lo and behold, the version in my perl directories is 
>different than the version in my rrdtool 1.2.11 build tree.  

Yup, you had your old 1.0.x perl modules still installed.

>So, I save the old version and replace it with the new 
>version.  This totally breaks MRTG's ability to process rrd 
>files.  I get the error "RRDs object version 1.000451 does not 
>match bootstrap parameter 1.2011 at 
>/usr/local/lib/perl5/5.8.0/i686-linux//DynaLoader.pm line 249."

Sounds like you copied over the RRDs.pm but not the RRDs.so and other files
in the auto subdirectory, meaning you had the v1.2.x perl code and the 1.0.x
binary.  No wonder it complained.

>Also, if I use the rrdtool executable from 1.0.45, I notice 
>that the <version></version> tag in the dump file is 0001, 
>while the version in the pathed rrdtool is 0003.

Yes, the new 1.2.x will produce v3 .rrd files, the old one produced v1 rrd
files.  The new rrdtool can read and write the v1, but the old cant read v3.

>I guess my question is twofold:
>	a. Is my perl module incorrect?


>	b. If so, how do I fix this situation?

Completely remove the v1.0 RRD perl modules - you will find not only
RRDs.pm, but also an RRDs directory under auto.  Once you have done this, do
the perl library install for v1.2, which should install the perl library
(RRDs.pm plus the auto/RRDs subdir) into your site_perl path.  Make sure you
don't have lingering copies of the 1.0.x RRDtool anywhere.   

This has been breaking routers2 in some cases, where MRTG runs (due to an
explicit path to the v1.2.0 RRD perl) but routers2 doesn't (because it pulls
it from site_perl and the old version is still there).


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