[mrtg] Re: Fine tuning my email MRTG logger

kelsey hudson khudson at tsss.org
Fri Dec 9 18:58:25 MET 2005

Scott Haneda wrote:
> The 24 port switch has a configmaker line I run, and it does everything
> perfect, I will run it from time to time as I add more servers to the port.
> So, I don't really want to always have to paste in the eims.cfg data to the
> switch.cfg file and have it get overwritten.  So, how do I get a cfgmaker
> line to run that will "include" my eims.cfg and not have it interfere with
> other settings and options for the switch?

You could always stick a line at the end of the config file:

Include: /path/to/eims.cfg

that should do it.

> This is just a raw count of emails in and out, so it is not bytes over time
> at all, it is merely emails per time. Right now, the 5 minute average says
> Bytes per minute and the weekly month and yearly graphs also say similar.
> Can that be changed to something else?

Sure, do something like this:

Target[vcmx3_volin]: <removed>
MaxBytes[vcmx3_volin]: 1073741824
Options[vcmx3_volin]: growright, perminute, nopercent, noo
Title[vcmx3_volin]: Incoming Messages Processed per Minute
YLegend[vcmx3_volin]: Number of Messages
ShortLegend[vcmx3_volin]: msgs
LegendI[vcmx3_volin]: Messages Inbound
LegendO[vcmx3_volin]: Messages Outbound
Legend1[vcmx3_volin]: Inbound Messages
Legend2[vcmx3_volin]: Outbound Messages
Legend3[vcmx3_volin]: Max Messages Inbound
Legend4[vcmx3_volin]: Max Messages Outbound

> My yearly graph has the word 'eims' in the upper left of the x/y, none of
> the others have this, how did this get here, and how do I eitehr get it on
> all of them, or none of them?

there's a showname or routername or something option -- look at the 
config file reference at the mrtg homepage for more info. I use the 
rrdtool backend, so i've never used that option.

> I am getting:
> The statistics were last updated Thursday, 8 December 2005 at 20:55,
> at which time 'eims' had been up for 1134104026.
> As you can see, uptime is totally off, I am sending in seconds since epoch
> as line 3 to mrtg, how is this calculated?  I would probably like to just
> remove this line, as it is not relative at all.

oh, it expects the time in text format *sigh*.

once upon a time i wrote a Linux-specific C program that will do machine 
uptime suitable for mrtg; if this will suit your needs you can fetch it 

It outputs the system uptime on one line, then the machine name on the next:

khudson at junior% ./sysuptime
959 days, 00:39

(yes, that uptime is real)

Hope this helps. :)


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