[mrtg] Re: MRTG log file parsing

Ruttenberg, Tanya Tanya.Ruttenberg at ssa.gov
Wed Dec 14 15:54:27 MET 2005

Thank you for suggestions to everyone.  

You must be running mrtg from cron and therefore it makes sense to run it
with a wrapper script that catches the errors.

We are running it as a daemon because we are monitoring a very large number
of targets (60,000 and growing) and wanted to spare ourselves the overhead
of loading config information into memory every 15 minutes.  We run 7
instances of MRTG to monitor almost 7,000 devices. And we run it with the
--logging option on.  I should have included this info in my original

I think the way for me to go is to write a script to parse the logfile and
incorporate it into a log rotation schema that runs daily or weekly or
something like that.

Thanks again all!

Tanya Ruttenberg - RSIS Contractor
tanya.ruttenberg at ssa.gov

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> From: Ruttenberg, Tanya [mailto:Tanya.Ruttenberg at ssa.gov] I already 
> use rrdtool to store data.  But how is that going to tell me if a 
> target can't be evaluated because there was no response vs. a bogus 
> target name?
> > > parsing the MRTG log file AND writing a report based on the 
> > > contents

Ah, my apologies.  I thought you meant parsing the .log database file that
is generated by MRTG in native mode.

To do this, we have our own script that calls MRTG and checks the output for
problems, and then notifies me if there are invalid targets.  It wouldn't be
suitable for anyone else to use, though, as it is too customised to our

I believe that later versions of MRTG are a bit more helpful in exiting with
a status code if there were problems?


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