[mrtg] tracking a MIB with words in it?

Michael W. Lucas mwlucas at blackhelicopters.org
Wed Dec 14 18:19:27 MET 2005


I recently installed the SNMP-informant.com SQL server pack, and found
the info I need to track with MRTG.  Unfortunately, these MIBs have
words in them.  A snmpwalk shows:

INFORMANT-SQLSERVER::ssdActiveTransactions.1."msdb" = Gauge32: 0
INFORMANT-SQLSERVER::ssdActiveTransactions.1."pubs" = Gauge32: 0
INFORMANT-SQLSERVER::ssdActiveTransactions.1."model" = Gauge32: 0
INFORMANT-SQLSERVER::ssdActiveTransactions.1."_Total" = Gauge32: 0
INFORMANT-SQLSERVER::ssdActiveTransactions.1."master" = Gauge32: 0
INFORMANT-SQLSERVER::ssdActiveTransactions.1."tempdb" = Gauge32: 0
INFORMANT-SQLSERVER::ssdActiveTransactions.1."Northwind" = Gauge32: 0

I can pull individual values using net-snmp simply enough:

# snmpwalk -v 1 -c <community> <hostname> .\"msdb\"
INFORMANT-SQLSERVER::ssdActiveTransactions.1."msdb" = Gauge32: 0

How can I enter this in a MRTG configuration?

For example, to pick on the "msdb" database, using either "msdb" or
msdb without quotes generates a MRTG error:

ERROR: Target[mshost.ssdacttransmsdb][_OUT_] '. at mshost' (warn): Array found where operator expected at (eval 40) line 1, at end of line

Trying a backslash-escape on the quotes gives me a different error:

WARNING: Could not match host:'community at mshost' ref:'Descr' key:'"msdb\"'
ERROR: Target[mshost.ssdacttransmsdb][_IN_] '.\"msdb\"&. $target->[15]{$mode} ' (kill): Can't find string terminator '"' anywhere before EOF at (eval 39) line 1.

Surely someone has dealt with this before?

Any suggestions would be appreciated.


Michael W. Lucas	mwlucas at FreeBSD.org, mwlucas at BlackHelicopters.org

"The cloak of anonymity protects me from the nuisance of caring." -Non Sequitur

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