[mrtg] Re: Confused on in/out

Scott Haneda lists at newgeo.com
Fri Dec 30 22:46:11 MET 2005

> It would seem like this is backwards from your perspective.  But,
> are you monitoring the port on the server side, the client side,
> or the backplane of the switch?  Are you also monitoring the
> port of the server where the web server is running?  It could
> be that you are seeing the inbound bytes and because it is a
> switch, snmp doesn't pick up on any other traffic on the outbound
> side.  Or, it could be that the inbound and outbound counters
> just need to be flipped.

I basically have a drop into my cabinet where the internet comes in, that
goes into a port on the switch, all other machines plug into the same
switch, and mrtg monitors each port on the switch.

So it looks a little like this:

Internet --- switch ---- multiple computers

So yes, I am monitoring the ports from the server side, or at least, within
the LAN.  I am getting traffic in both directions, its just that there is a
ton of green, and I always thought green should be outbound.  I am not even
sure I want to switch them around, I like the colors as they are now, I just
want to switch the legend data at the bottom.
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