[mrtg] OID for Cisco 7606

Stefano Giraldo stefano at neotokyo3.it
Mon Feb 7 12:45:54 MET 2005

anyone know the OID for memory util and temperature for the router in the

Theese new router model can get the temperature and voltage for any slot...
so the OID should be longer that any other Cisco router.

# sh env temp
Load for five secs: 0%/0%; one minute: 5%; five minutes: 4%
Time source is NTP, 12:40:50.086 MET Mon Feb 7 2005

  module 3 outlet temperature: 30C
  module 3 inlet temperature: 22C
  module 3 device-1 temperature: 22C
  module 3 device-2 temperature: 27C
  module 4 outlet temperature: 27C
  module 4 inlet temperature: 22C
  module 4 device-1 temperature: 26C
  module 4 device-2 temperature: 28C
  module 5 outlet temperature: 26C
  module 5 inlet temperature: 21C
  module 5 device-1 temperature: 29C
  module 5 device-2 temperature: 29C
  module 5 asic-1 (SSO-1) temp: 21C
  module 5 asic-2 (SSO-2) temp: 21C
  module 5 asic-3 (SSO-3) temp: 21C
  module 5 asic-4 (SSO-4) temp: 21C
  module 5 asic-5 (SSA-1) temp: 21C
  module 5 asic-6 (HYPERION-1) temp: 21C
  module 5 RP outlet temperature: 24C
  module 5 RP inlet temperature: 24C
  module 5 EARL outlet temperature: 30C
  module 5 EARL inlet temperature: 20C
  module 6 outlet temperature: 32C
  module 6 inlet temperature: 23C
  module 6 device-1 temperature: 33C
  module 6 device-2 temperature: 35C
  module 6 asic-1 (SSO-1) temp: 23C
  module 6 asic-2 (SSO-2) temp: 24C
  module 6 asic-3 (SSO-3) temp: 23C
  module 6 asic-4 (SSO-4) temp: 24C
  module 6 asic-5 (SSA-1) temp: 24C
  module 6 asic-6 (HYPERION-1) temp: 23C
  module 6 RP outlet temperature: 25C
  module 6 RP inlet temperature: 25C
  module 6 EARL outlet temperature: 35C
  module 6 EARL inlet temperature: 22C

For the memory... I can get only the used mem and not the free.

The Cisco site wasn't helpful... but this is normal! :)




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