[mrtg] Problem running mailstats {Scanned}

SW wppiphoto at wppi.com
Wed Feb 16 04:29:00 MET 2005

Hi folks,

I've setup and configured mailstats on my local system which I want to get 
sendmail statistics for. The problem I'm running into is as follows:

# mrtg /etc/mrtg/mailstats.cfg
WARNING: Problem with Externale get '/usr/sbin/mailstats':
Expected a Number for 'out' but got ' M msgsfr bytes_from msgsto bytes_to 
msgsrej msgsdis Mailer'
ERROR: Target[localhost][_IN_] ' $$target[0]{$mode} ' evaluated to '19 16' 
instead of a number
ERROR: Target[localhost][_OUT_] ' $$target[0]{$mode} ' did not eval into 
defined data
WARNING: Skipping Update of localhost, inlast is not defined
WARNING: Skipping Update of localhost, outlast is not defined

Here is what I have in my /etc/mrtg/mailstats.cfg:

# Mail.cfg: Mailstats plotting with MRTG
WorkDir: /var/www/mrtg
Interval: 10
Target[localhost]: `/usr/sbin/mailstats`
MaxBytes[localhost]: 150
# AbsMax[localhost]: 1800
#Unscaled[mail]: dwmy
Options[localhost]: gauge
Title[localhost]: Beza.Net eMS Statistics
PageTop[localhost]: <H1>Beza.Net eMS Statistics</H1>
XSize[localhost]: 500
#Supress[localhost]: my
YSize[localhost]: 200
WithPeak[localhost]: dwmy
YLegend[localhost]: No. of messages
ShortLegend[localhost]: messages
LegendI[localhost]: &nbsp;Incoming:
LegendO[localhost]: &nbsp;Outgoing:

And if I run /usr/sbin/mailstats from the command line, I get the correct 

# /usr/sbin/mailstats
Statistics from Sun Dec 19 16:03:20 2004
M msgsfr bytes_from msgsto bytes_to msgsrej msgsdis Mailer
4 12 265K 315 1231K 0 0 esmtp
9 345 1287K 9 67K 0 0 local
T 357 1552K 324 1298K 0 0
C 316 236 0

Any ideas what I'm doing wrong? Also, does the output of /usr/sbin/mailstats 
which shows "Statistics from Sun Dec 19" mean that is the last statistics 
report or is it from since Dec 19, 2004 till today 2/15/05?

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